Erika Aguilar

As the new weekend reporter at KUT News in Austin, Erika Aguilar has recently inherited the environment, development, transportation and city beats.

Ashley Ahearn

Ashley Ahearn has been a producer and reporter with Living on Earth for the past three years.

Julie Bierach

Julie Bierach is the science and technology reporter at KWMU in St. Louis, Missouri, which is also her hometown.

Brian Edwards-Tiekert

Brian Edwards-Tiekert is Environmental Justice Reporter at KPFA 94.1 FM in Berkeley, California.

Cyrus Farivar

Cyrus Farivar (suh-ROOS FAR-ih-var) is a freelance technology journalist, a freelance radio reporter/producer, and a wanderlust geek living in the city of Oakland, California.

Scott Finn

Scott Finn began working as a reporter/producer for West Virginia Public Broadcasting in January 2007. For the previous seven years, he covered politics, government and business for the Charleston Gazette.

Jocelyn Ford

Jocelyn Ford is a freelance correspondent based in Beijing.

David Krasnow

David Krasnow began producing stories for PRI's Studio 360 in 2001, and joined the staff in 2003.

Sarah McCammon

Sarah McCammon is a reporter/producer for NET Radio, the NPR station covering most of Nebraska.

Simone Orendain

Simone Orendain is a general assignment reporter at WFAE in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Lindsay Patterson

Lindsay Patterson is an assistant audio producer at EarthSky Communications, Inc., a science media company based in Austin, Texas.

John Ryan

After John Ryan’s cheap microcassette recorder fell out of his pocket in an Indonesian taxi, a generous BBC stringer lent him his professional gear. Pointing a mic at rare jungle songbirds and gong-playing grandmothers for his first radio story, Ryan got the radio bug.

Dale Willman

Dale Willman has been an award-winning correspondent and editor for more than 30 years.