Scott Finn

Scott Finn began working as a reporter/producer for West Virginia Public Broadcasting in January 2007. For the previous seven years, he covered politics, government and business for the Charleston Gazette. There, he received the 2007 Nancy Dickerson Whitehead Award for The Killer Cure," a series of ten investigative articles about methadone overdose deaths.

He also received the Fred M. Hechinger Award for Education Reporting in 2002 for The Long Haul," a series about long bus rides and their toll on young children.

Before he became a reporter, he spent two years as a VISTA volunteer in Big Ugly Creek, West Virginia, and founded a family literacy program called Appalread in Logan, West Virginia. He lives in Charleston with his wife, Wendy, and two children, Max and Iris.

Audio Work Sample:

Prescription for an Epidemic