The Ten (or Twelve) Rules for Making Great Radio

April 09, 2008 3:45pm - 5:45pm

You may have done some excellent reporting and have a fascinating story to tell. But if you don't tell that story in the language of radio, your report likely will go in one ear of your audience, and right out the other. In this media-saturated age, when people are bombarded constantly by electronic information, how can you do radio stories that will stay with your listeners for more than a few seconds? How can you make radio that will remain in their minds — and, perhaps, touch their hearts?

In this workshop, producer-editor Gary Covino and investigative reporter Rebecca Perl will let you in on some of their secrets. They'll explain how to do radio that goes beyond the standard fare. Using examples from their own award-winning work, Gary and Rebecca will demonstrate how to come up with great story ideas, get great sound, do great interviews — and then take all that material and make it into the kind of radio that people will want to hear and tell their friends about.

Gary Covino
Rebecca Perl