What Topics We Explore

Outstanding science reporting for radio (broadcast and online) requires solid grounding in three discrete areas of knowledge: science, journalism and radio craft. The workshop explores each of these individually and as an integrated whole.

The Science
Concepts underlying current research, and relationships between disciplines, such as...

  • The scientific method
  • Genetics 101
  • Introduction to physics
  • Systems biology
  • Nanoscience
  • Evolution
  • Interpreting statistics
  • Energy sciences
  • Artificial intelligence

The Journalism
Ethics and integrity, methodology and tips...

  • Techniques for interviewing scientists
  • Pitching a science story and working with editors
  • Recognizing legal, ethical and social evidence
  • Reporting diversity
  • Identifying “hot” topics in science
  • Research and fact-checking: online and traditional resources
  • Understanding the impact of science on local communities
  • Political, economic and sociological aspects of scientific discovery

The Craft
Challenges and opportunities in the radio medium...

  • Sound as a storytelling device
  • Script-writing for radio
  • The art of radio production
  • Alternative narrative structures
  • Multiple platform delivery
  • Individualized critiques