Soren Wheeler

The senior producer for WNYC's RadioLab, Soren Wheeler got his bachelor’s degree in literature, creative writing and philosophy at the University of Wisconsin. After graduation, Wheeler was a project coordinator at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. At AAAS, Wheeler evaluated science and math tests and textbooks, designed professional development workshops for science teachers, wrote several peer-reviewed articles on science education, and co-authored the book Atlas of Science Literacy.

After leaving AAAS, Wheeler spent the next 6 years as a freelancer, developing workshops and online courses for K-16 science and math teachers aimed at helping them understand both the content they have to teach and the research on how students develop their understanding of those ideas and skills.

In 2006, Wheeler got a masters degree in science writing at Johns Hopkins University, was a freelance writer for a brief period, and eventually joined the team at WNYC's RadioLab. In almost 5 years at RadioLab, he has played many different roles and he is currently the senior producer of the series. In that role, Wheeler produces and edits segments, manages the production staff, oversees development of future content and coordinates the RadioLab's segments on NPR's Morning Edition. Wheeler has won awards for his work on segments about the periodic table and statistical understanding.