Jason Albert

Independent producer Jason Albert has taken a circuitous route to radio. He loves to explore the massive and microscopic – he has wandered the big hills of the Alaska Range and spent countless hours in a dark lab observing mitochondria migrate in rat neurons. He later spent nearly a decade teaching science in grades 5-12. His specialty was coaxing students to explore the world through their senses. During that time he also spent a year in southwestern Madagascar assisting with a behavioral ecology study of the ring-tailed lemur and piloting an atmospheric conditions data collection program for rural schools.

Albert’s leap to radio came when he realized his most common companion was field-recording gear. Now he produces multimedia content for websites including Outdoor Parent and Cyclocross magazine, collects oral histories, and has contributed to Living On Earth. In his home of Bend, Oregon, he can often be seen chasing two speedy boys around town.