Mary Hodder

Mary Hodder is vice president of products for Apisiphere, a Berkeley-based company that provides geolocation awareness services for mobile developers. She also founded, a search engine site that helps people discover and organize videos from across the Web. Dabble partnered with 1200 sites to index 50 million web videos and create prototyped software for advertising. Hodder has worked with large and small companies as an information architect and interaction designer including AP, Rojo, Sphere, Pubsub, Spikesource,Technorati, Hearst Publications, All Voices and Dyyno, among others. She has worked with companies in media, MMGgaming, open source software, photo sharing and blog aggregation. She recently created a survey of the current state of academic research and development in new media for the American Press Institute. She is a blogger at Napsterization ( and an original author at bIPlog (the first University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism blog on the topics of intellectual property, security and privacy). She completed her master’s at the School of Information Management and Systems at University of California, Berkeley in May, 2004. She earned her bachelor’s from Sarah Lawrence College.

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