Barbara Bernstein

Barbara Bernstein is an independent radio producer based in Portland, Oregon. For over twenty years, Barbara has been producing radio documentaries and features on environmental issues.

Eileen Bolinsky

Eileen Bolinsky has been passionate about public radio since she moved to the Boston area more than two decades ago.

John Dillon

John’s professional career in journalism began in the late 70s when he helped start the Vermont Vanguard Press, the state’s first news and arts weekly.

Raquel Maria Dillon

Raquel Maria Dillon has filed freelance features for National Public Radio's flagship magazines, On the Media, The World, Studio 360, Marketplace, and Latino USA.

Ley Garnett

Ley Garnett is the environment and energy reporter for Oregon Public Broadcasting, which covers all of Oregon (except the southwest corner) and southern Washington.

Julie Grant

Julie currently works as a reporter/producer for WKSU-FM in Kent, Ohio, where she covers stories on environment, education and general assignment.

Gilman Halsted

Gil Halsted is a reporter for the Wisconson Public Radio network based in Madison.

Stephanie Hemphill

Stephanie began working in radio in the late 70s when she helped senior citizens produce weekly half-hour programs that aired on Duluth community station, KUMD-FM.

Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock is the executive producer of Independent Native News, at KUAC-FM in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Michael Leland

Michael Leland is the news director of Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor/Flint/Grand Rapids. Reporting takes up a little more than half his time at work.

Julia McEvoy

Julia McEvoy is executive producer of Chicago Public Radio's Chicago Matters series and senior editor on the education and health desk.

Rosemary Pennington

Rosemary Pennington is a jack of all “beats” at WBHM-FM in Birmingham, Alabama.

Lonny Shavelson

Lonny Shavelson is a writer, photojournalist, radio journalist and emergency room physician who has written and photographed stories ranging from health care in Central American war zones to people with mental illness in the United States.