David Baron

David Baron is health and science editor for The World, a daily international news program co-produced by the BBC World Service, PRI, and WGBH in Boston.

Anita Barry

Dr. Anita Barry has been the director of communicable disease control at the Boston Public Health Commission (and its predecessor organization, the Department of Health and Hospitals) since 1984.

Joel Best

Joel Best is professor and chair of the University of Delaware's Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice.

Alain Brizard

After spending eleven years doing research at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley, Alain Brizard is now an assistant professor of physics at Saint Michael's College in Vermont.

Gary Covino

Gary Covino has been a public radio producer, reporter, editor and program creator for 30 years.

John Gabrieli

John Gabrieli is the Grover Hermann Professor in Health Sciences and Technology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Department of Brain and Cognitive Neuroscience at MIT.

Karen Gleason

Karen Gleason is professor of chemical engineering and associate director of the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN) at MIT.

Svetlana Jorstad

Svetlana Jorstad is a senior research associate in the Institute for Astrophysical Research at Boston University.

Amelia Kassel

Amelia Kassel is President of MarketingBase, a California-based consultancy specializing in conducting online research using the Internet and fee-based databases.

Sally Lehrman

Sally Lehrman is an award-winning reporter and writer on medical and science policy for some of the top names in national print and broadcast media.

Harvey Lodish

A founding member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Harvey Lodish joined the MIT faculty in 1968, and has been a professor of biology since 1976 and professor of bioengineering since 1999.

Alan Marscher

Alan Marscher is professor of astronomy and director of the Boston University Center for Excellence in Teaching.

Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer has been the senior health desk correspondent for American Public Media’s Marketplace since 1998, covering health and business.

Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer is managing producer of the independent public radio program, Living on Earth.

Rebecca Perl

Rebecca Perl was a health and science correspondent for National Public Radio for seven years. She is currently on the faculty (and also a graduate) of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and a correspondent for the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Jane Pipik

Jane Pipik is a production and recording engineer at WGBH Radio in Boston.

Hidde Ploegh

The Whitehead Institute’s Hidde Ploegh is a professor of biology at MIT, and one of the world’s leading researchers in immune system behavior.

Lisa Randall

Lisa Randall studies particle physics and cosmology at Harvard University where she is professor of theoretical physics.

Boyce Rensberger

Boyce Rensberger is director of the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships program at MIT.

Paul L. Schechter

Paul L. Schechter is the William A.M. Burden Professor of Astrophysics at MIT.

Miles Smith

Miles Smith is a freelance audio engineer based in the Boston area. He has engineered live radio broadcasts and live-to-stereo recordings in literally hundreds of east coast venues, including three Grammy-nominated albums.

Anthony Socci

Anthony Socci, Ph.D., is a senior science and communications fellow at the American Meteorological Society’s executive office in Washington, DC.

Sylvia Spengler

Sylvia Spengler currently serves as the program director for science and engineering information integration and informatics in the Computer Science Directorate of the National Science Foundation.