Paul Mann

Paul Mann is senior research scientist, Institute for Geophysics (UTIG), at the University of Texas at Austin. His specialties include Caribbean geological environments and the application of GPS and satellite remote-sensing data to tetonic problems. In his research summary, he states:

My longterm research interest focuses on the tectonics of late Cenozoic deformation plate boundary zones. For these studies I prefer to use a variety of tools including: field observations and mapping, remote sensing, and geophysical data including single- and multi-channel seismic data, seismic refraction, sidescan and multibeam, magnetics and gravity, GPS-based geodesy, and fault trenching.

The source of data for these studies varies from original field data collected at outcrops, original geophysical data collected during NSF-supported marine surveys, and data provided by the oil industry. In recent years, more of my time has been spent with subsurface data either collected as part of NSF-funded surveys on academic research vessels or using geophysical and well data provided by the oil industry.

For me, a "final product" is tie to all these various data types into a completely consistent regional tectonic interpretation.

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