Daniel Bolnick

Dr. Daniel Bolnick is Assistant Professor in Integrative Biology at the University of Texas at Austin.

In his research summary, he states:

I am interested in understanding the ecological and evolutionary basis of variation within and among populations, and how such variation influences speciation. To address such questions, I combine theory, observational studies of natural populations, field and laboratory experiments, and population genetics. In particular, research focuses on three areas: 1) the patterns and causes of resource use variation among individuals within a given population, and how selection acts on this variation, 2) the balance between migration and selection in driving among-population divergence and speciation, and 3) the genetic basis of reproductive isolation among species. Since I aim to obtain a general understanding of such processes, research in the lab is not restricted to particular taxonomic groups, though there is a tendency to focus on freshwater fishes including threespine stickleback and the family Centrarchidae (sunfish and bass).

Session(s) by Daniel Bolnick :