Donald Blankenship

Dr. Donald Blankenship joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin in 1991, after completing his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Daniel Bolnick

Dr. Daniel Bolnick is Assistant Professor in Integrative Biology at the University of Texas at Austin.

Clark Boyd

Clark Boyd covers technology and science stories for PRI’s The World.

Ginny Catania

Dr. Ginny Catania joined the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin in 2005, after completing her post-doctoral research at the University of California at Santa Cruz and a Ph.D. in geophysics at the University of Washington.

Gary Covino

Gary Covino has been a public radio producer, reporter, editor and program creator for more than 30 years.

Ellen Horne

Ellen Horne is the executive producer for Radio Lab.

Brent Iverson

Dr. Brent Iverson is Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and member of the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology, at the University of Texas at Austin.

Charles Jackson

Charles Jackson is a research scientist at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics.

Amelia Kassel

Amelia Kassel is president of MarketingBase, a California-based consultancy specializing in conducting online research using the Internet and fee-based databases.

David Kestenbaum

David Kestenbaum is a science correspondent for National Public Radio.

William Lackowski

Dr. William Lackowski is currently the chief scientist for the Center for Nano and Molecular Science and Technology at the University of Texas at Austin.

Sally Lehrman

Sally Lehrman is an award-winning reporter and writer on medical and science policy for some of the top names in national print and broadcast media.

Paul Mann

Paul Mann is senior research scientist, Institute for Geophysics (UTIG), at the University of Texas at Austin.

Shawn Lawrence Otto

Shawn Lawrence Otto is a Hollywood screenwriter/producer/director and a political strategist, as well as CEO of Science Debate 2008

Sean O’Kelly

Sean O'Kelly is the associate director of the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Lab on the University of Texas J.J. Pickle Research Campus.

Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer is managing producer of the independent public radio program, Living on Earth.

Camille Parmesan

Dr. Camille Parmesan is associate professor, Section of Integrative Biology, at the University of Texas at Austin.

Rebecca Perl

Rebecca Perl is a journalist and consultant specializing in health and science issues.

Eric Potter

Eric Potter is the associate director for energy programs at the Bureau of Economic Geology, a quasi-state agency within the University of Texas at Austin that serves as the state geological survey for Texas.

Boyce Rensberger

Boyce Rensberger has been a science journalist since 1966 at the Detroit Free Press. In 2008 he retired after ten years as director of the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships at MIT.

Bridget Scanlon

Dr. Bridget Scanlon is senior research scientist, Bureau of Economic Geology, in the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin.

Michael Starbird

Dr. Michael Starbird is a University Distinguished Teaching Professor at the University of Texas at Austin and a member of UT’s Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

C. Michael Walton

Dr. C. Michael Walton is Professor of Civil Engineering in the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

Michael Webber

Dr. Michael Webber earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with a minor in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 2001.

J. Craig Wheeler

Dr. J. Craig Wheeler is the Samuel T. and Fern Yanagisawa Regents Professor of Astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin, where he was chair of the department from 1986 to 1990.